How Suncity was born

SunCity Pärnu was born on Summer of 2020. Back then it was called Aloha On Tour. The Story will continue soon.. Stay tuned!


"Aloha Tom"

Please meet Aloha Tom. The man behind Aloha Surf, Café Aloha, Aloha Snowkite, Aloha on Tour and SunCity… man has some vision? Maybe so! What he really has is a capability to tell his story the way that people around him get inspired and want to become part of creation and magic that Tom brings.


Come and meet us!

This summer come and meet us in SunCity. We are located on the crossroads of Land and River. Come by Car, Bicycle, Skateboard, Boat or just Walk. You can’t miss the most incredible sunsets seen from the River coast. And if you have had enough of relaxing on SunCity terrace, you can go for a Wake ride, jump in the Aquafun waterpark, go Fishing or join us on the Sunset Paddleboard tour along the Pärnu River. 




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SunCity is located on the crossroads of land and river. You can park your car behind SunCity in the free parking lot. You can walk, skate, bicycle or come with your own boat.



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