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SunCity – what are the First things that Pop in your Mind by hearing that Name?

For us it is good Weather, lots of Sun and Water, good Music, nice Vibes, Friends, Food and some refreshing Drinks. In Pärnu, we can have it all!

Bar & Food

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We are Proud to use Local and Fresh ingredients in our Menu.

The menu is designed by our lovely neighbour Kastrul and the Bakaries come from Leivakas. Because as we know – collaboration is the key! 

We would Love to treat you with great Snacks, tasteful Cocktails and most the beautiful Sunset.



This is where the endless Fun begins!

Moms favourite activity is Stand Up Paddleboarding.
Dads favourite activities are the Fishing trips.
Teens favourite activities are Wakeboarding and Tube rides.
Kids favourite activities are definitely AquaFun Waterpark and the Paddleboat.

Take time with your Family and make your Holiday memorable!

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Phone number: +372 5629 2916
E-mail: info@suncity.ee
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SunCity is located on the crossroads of land and river. You can park your car behind SunCity in the free parking lot. You can walk, skate, bicycle or come with your own boat.

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Call us: +372 5629 2916
E-mail us: info@suncity.ee