Walking through Pärnu

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Walking through Pärnu

Center of Pärnu is small and cozy. There are more than 85 km of pedestrian and light traffic roads in the center of Pärnu for walking or health sports.

Beautiful beach promenade is ideal for walking, cycling and roller skating with playgrounds, water fountains and play areas offering days full of fun and joy for children.

The Rannaniidu nature and study trail is located on the left end of the beach. It is a short 600-meter hiking nature and study trail with observation towers, built on a marshy coastal meadow, that is now under Natura2000 protection. This nature trail is truly one of Pärnu’s many success stories – it is now open to the public and the landscape is maintained by city cows.

The most famous walking and cycling track is the one that connects the two bridges from the City Centre Bridge to the Papiniidu Bridge – Jüri Jaanson’s health sports track. It meanders just next to the river and is 8 km long. Who is Jüri Jaanson? Well, he is a native of Pärnu, who has won medals at several major competitions including two Olympic silver medals. And we are very proud of that!

The Pärnu Mole, constructed once to deepen the port and boost trade, the mole of Pärnu is one of the city’s most interesting sights and popular attractions. The mole is approximately 1.5 kilometers long. Definitely a spot for lovers to go and have a nice evening walk.

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